One hot summers evening in early January 2013, Samara and her friend Mandi decided to go to Daanskraal for a night on the dancefloor. Hennie, who was spending the festive season in Cape Town with his brother Thys, politely obliged and gave Samara her first introduction to the Basson brothers' sokkie moves. During a much needed break at the bar, Samara sensed a presence that made her turn to look in Hennie's direction... and there he was, a cheeky grin on his face,
her future husband – Thys.


Dinsdag has become a brand name in the Thys and Samara story. As is often the case with couples that are so well matched, they were frequently interrogated by family and friends alike with the questions 'when are you getting engaged?', 'when are you getting married?' or ‘when are you having kids?' Thys' standard and well-rehearsed answer was always...
It comes as no surprise then that when he eventually asked the BIG question... her answer was... DINSDAG!


And so, true to their word, Samara and Thys got engaged on an autumn DINSDAG on the 28 April 2015, at a private game reserve, in the Karoo, called Madi-Madi.